Freezer trawlers in the Faroe Islands. 2017

Here is a list of the fishing for the freezer trawlers in the faroe islands.  

there are not many freezer trawlers there,   on the database that AFlafrettir has they are only 7 . 

4 of them are fishing quite much, and in the list you can see  that they fish alot of cod

Akraberg was the highest one with over 9500 tons.  

Akraberg pic Oddremi

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Seat Name Fishing Cod
1 Akraberg XPLH 9518,8 7588
2 Gadus XPXO 8199,9 7416
3 Enniberg XPXL 6688 5409
4 Sjúrðarberg OW-2408 6042 4931
5 Arctic Viking OW-2399 2591,2
6 Havborg OW-2163 1327,5
7 Rán XPKY 340,4

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