Freezer Trawlers in The Faroe Islands 2020

There are not many freezer trawlers in the Faroe Islands

there are only 4 of them and 3 of them were in full operation all year round

Sjúrðarberg landed 874.4 tons of fish

But it is worth mentioning that this trawler got this name in August 2020, as it was called before

Dorado, before that Polonus and before that Akraberg. The trawler is owned by one of the subsidiaries in which Samherji ehf in Iceland owns

the other three have all fished over 8 thousand tons by 2020,

Gadus is number 2 and has landed 8540 tons, of which cod is 7780 tons

Gadus photo photographer unknown

Enniberg is number 3 with 8128 tons of which 6400 tons of redfish and 818 tons of shrimp

Enniberg Photo Frode Adolfsen

and Akraberg is at the top with 9320 tons, of which Cod is 7630 tons and shrimp 701 tons.

Akraberg photo Mats nymberg