Full load for Eyrarröst ÍS with only 18 stamps

Now in the autumn 2020 the haddock fishing in Iceland has been good, 

it is like haddock is in the sea everywhere  

the boats have been getting up to 80% of the catch of a single row just haddock.

from Suðureyri, in the westfjord in ICeland  the boats have been fishing very well on the line

one of the smallest liners that is rowing from Suðureyri is Eyrarröst ÍS.

The boat is 7.2 tons in size and 9.5 meters long,

The captain of the boat is only 20 years old and was with the boat this summer on the coastal fishing,

his name is Oliver Eyþór and he did fish alot few days ago

but he then went out with only 18 stamps , still came ashore with a full boat of fish

because the boat had a total of 5.5 tons of fish. of that catch, haddock was 4.6 tonnes and cod 880 kilos,

this is about 305 kilos per stamp

pics Þorleifur K Sigurvinsson