Gerda Marie H-365-AV is number 1 in Norway

As can been seen on the list of the pelagic ship in Norway that are over 50 meters long.

they now have fish over one million tons.

now have 12 ships fish more than 20.000 tons,  

but one ship has fish the most

that is ship Gerda Marie H-365-AV.

In total Gerda Marie has now fish 35.000 tons.

and is now that ship in Norway that has fish the most of herring aroung 10500 tons.

All the ships in Norway have qouta, and Gerda Marie has been fishing the qouta that the ship has, and also 

the qouta that Havglans had.    like the tobis, 13400 tons,

But what ship is Gerda Marie.  

Gerda Marie was build in Karstensens skibsværft in Norway and was finish in oktober 2016.

the ship is 78,7 meters long and 15,5 meters wide

it has Wartsila 6598bhp engine om board and can carry 2530 tons of pelagis fish om board

First name on the ship was Kings Cross from UK and was sold to Norway in desember 2019 and got the name Gerda Marie

Gerda Marie Pic Ems photo