Gillnet Bárður SH in Iceland with over 1000 tons

Gillnet fishing in iceland now in March was good

in total there where five boats that did fish over 400 tons,  and all of these boats are fishing in ice,  not freezing the fish

Number 5 was Þórsnes SH with 408,5 tons in 5 trips

Erling KE was number 4 with 524,2 tons in 28 trips

Brynjólfur VE was number 3 with 539,9 tons in 15 trips

Kap II VE was with 647,6 tons in 16 trips, and that is 40,5 tons in a trip

and number 1

was Bárður SH that did fish over 1000 tons.

in total Bárður SH did fish 1011,6 tons in 34 trips, and that is about 29,7 tons in a trip

Bárður SH had to come sometimes 2 times per day, in total 6 days that Bárður SH had to come 2 times

Biggest day was 83 tons and Bárður SH had to come 2 times to land the fish.  first with 46 tons and then with 37 tons,

Total value for this big month for Bárður SH about 303,4 million isl kronas

that is 2,1 million euros

1,7 million pounds

20,2 million norsk krona

om Bárður SH are 10 men

Bárður SH pic Vigfús Markússon