Gillnet boat Bárður SH over 800 tons

Gillnet fishing now in Iceland has been good in march

now have 3 boats fish over 400 tons in march

and one boat has fish most of all the boat

this is the boat name Bárður SH

Bárður SH is the biggest boat that is made of plastic, and was build in Denmark and started

to fish in january 2020

now in march 2021 the boat has fish total of 841,6 tons in 27 trips.  and that is about 31,1 tons in a trip

On the boat are 11 crewmembers and total value is about 270 million isl kronas now in march

That is about 1,79 million euros

1,53 million pounds

18,17 million norsk kronas

Bárður SH pic Vigfús Markússon