Gilnet boat Björn EA over 200 tons of fish

In Iceland the saithe fishing has been pretty good this autumn, and 4 big gilnet boats have been

fishing saithe, and in november in Iceland aroung 600 tons of saithe came from the gilnetboats.

One of the smallest gilnet boat that is fishing saithe is Björn EA from island Grímsey in the north of Iceland.  

 Sigurður Henningsson is the captain of Björn EA.  

they have rowed with 2 ropes all autumn and it has about 26 nets.

It can be said that they have been fishing good this  autumn because the boat has now landed a total of 207 tons in 34 rows.

or 6.1 tons in a row. this is a really good catch with no more ropes.

A good example of a very good catch is that this November the catch was 91.1 tons in only 12 rows or 7.6 tons in a row

on average, that is a great fishing for not bigger boat than Björn EA is

Björn EA with 12 tons.  

Crew of Björn EA in november
Pics from Sigurður Henningsson