Gilnetboat Björn EA with almost 100 tons in okt.

Gilnet fishing in Iceland now in oktober has been good,  not many boats are fishing in gilnet,  they are only about 12 that are fishing cod

5 boats are fishing saithe ( sei in norsk ore ufsi á íslensku)

one of the boats is only 15 tons in size, and name is Björn EA.  the boat is fishing from island Grímsey that is in the north of ICeland,

Now in oktober Björn EA has fish almost 100 tons in 19 trips, and that is about 5,3 tons in a trip.

Björn EA went in a 8 trips in 8 days and of that was with 40 tons.

of this almost 100 tons is about 90 tons of saithe

Björn EA pic Gyða Henningsdóttir

Björn EA pic Gypa