Good mackerel fishing in Norway. Fredöy M-73-HÖ.

Now in Norway has been good fishing of mackerel.

both fishing from the pelagic ships and also for the boats that are fishing with hooks.

In Fosnavog in Norway have been many boats coming with mackerel

and here is a pic of one of the boats

this boat is  not big,  he name is Fredöy M-73-HÖ

The boat was build 2001 and is 14 meters long

Here the boat is fully loaded in Fosnavog with almost 14 tons of mackerel

now Fredöy has fish 87,9 tons of mackerel now in Oktober in 10 trips, around 8,7 tons in a trip

Here you can see pic of the boat fully loaded and also pic of the boat empty

Fredöy in Fosnavog with around 14 tons. pic Otto Sande

Fredöy Pic Gunleif Westermann