Gullhólmi SH in huge fishing. over 30 tons in one trip

In Iceland the weather has been relay bad in February.  

but finally when the weather got better the fishing also did well.

Autoline boat Gullhólmi SH that is similar boat as Saga K in Norway did relay well in newest trip

They put out 45.000 hooks  and on that they com 30,6 tons uncutt, ore rund in Norway.

of this cod was about 29 tons,

but all the fish on board is cut and there fore the boat came with 26 tons in land

this trip  is the biggest ever for Gullhólmi SH since he was build.  Gullhólmi SH is 13,7 meters long and 30 tons in sice

Gullhólmi SH with full load.  Pic Hreinn Jónsson.

Another pic of Gullhólmi SH 

Trucks in Ólafsvík that drove the fish to Stykkishólmur.  around 30 km way.

119 tups for the fish of Gullhólmi SH.  Pics Hafþór Benediktsson