Harðbakur EA in huge fishing, over 900 tons

Now in march in Iceland the fishing for the trawlers has been good.  

most of the have been fishing near the south of iceland and have had up to 70 to 90 tons per day

many trawelrs are 29 meters long and they can fish up to 3 miles from land,

one of them is Harðbakur EA that is a new trawler.

now in Mars Harðbakur EA has fish over 900 tons in 13 trips, and that is about 71 tons in trip,

but in the last 7 days the trawler has fish total of 374 tons in just 5 trips.  

and this is about 58 tons per day

shortest trip was only about 28 hours, and then Harðbakur EA came with 91 ton in land

most of this is cod

Harðbakur EA pic Hólmgeir Austfjörð