Hardhaus H-120-AV sold to Iceland.

Not long ago,  company Ísfélagið í Vestmannaeyjar decided to buy the third pelagic vessel

The company has bought the Norwegian ship Hardhaus H-120-AV from Norway. 

that ship was built in 2003 in Norway,

Hardhaus is 68.85 meters long

13.8 meters wide and has a 6000 horsepower main engine of the type Wartsila,

The total cargo space is 1985 m3 in 12  RSW tanks.

The speed of the ship is quite good but the maximum speed is 17 miles.

Two years ago, the ship made the news after the ship was then in a covered floating dock in Hirtshals in Denmark,

the dock went to the side and Hardhaus was stuck inside the dock.

Hardhaus had been in the dock for about 10 days and was painting the ship when the accident happened when the dock went to the side

The ship was recovered from the dock, there was still quite a lot of damage to the ship because sea entered the engine room of the ship,

and the entire electrical system in the engine room was unused. repair costs were around ISK 800 million isl kronas

that is about 5,4 million euros

6,2 million pounds

40 million dansk kronas

this mishap happened in august 2018 still repair on the ship after this mishap was not completed until the end of 2018.

Hardhaus pic Morten Mögster

Dock in Hirthals and inside is Hardhaus, in august 2018. pic hardhaus