Havbryn M-325-H

In Norway are many freezer trawlers.   most of them are freezer trawlers that freeze the hole fish in the ship and then the fish is thaw up in land and work there, 

One of these trawler in Havbryn M-325-H that is from Alesund in Norway.

This trawler is build in the year 2013, is 70 meters long and 15,4 meters wide.   it is 3104 tons,
on board is 6100 hp engine.

Now this year Havbryn have fish total of 8146 tons of cod, sei and hyse

and the newest landing for this trawer was just few days ago when Havbryn came to Alesund with 465 tons in one trip.

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Havbryn Pic Svein W Pettersen