Havstrand M-525-H in the year 2019

Now the year 2019 is almost over

and the year has been pretty good for the trawlers in Norway.

Havstrand M-525-H that is own by  AS Havstrand in Alesund

has had good year is fishing cod, saithe and haddock

in total Havstrand has fish 8739 tons of this fish

most is saithe around 4000 tons,  3300 tons of cod

In total the fishing of Havstrand is close to 10.000 tons this year 2019

The Trawler Havstrand was build 2013, and is 69,9 meters long and 15,4 meters wide.  has 6120 hp engine om board the trawler

Havstrand Pic Svein W Pettersen