Holmen new boat on the 15 meters list

Here on aflafrettir has been the list of Norsk 15 meters boat for long time.  first the list was just with boats that had ICelandic sailors and also if the boat was build in Iceland .  but this year it has increased that Norsk sailors want there boat to be on this list.  

and the latest boat that came in there was a suggestion from the Norwegian sailor

That boat is called Holmen F-54-HV. This boat is constructed in 2000 of steel and is 14.99 meters long and 5.86 meters wide. measures about 80 tonnes.

aboard the boat is a 500-horsepower engine and this boat is fishing in seine

Holmen is made from Sörvær and has three owners. Mikalsen Are, which owns 33%. Sörvær Kystfiskeinvest AS which owns 34% and Fyröy Orjan who owns 33%.

The boat has a pretty good quota. 77 tons of haddock. 247 tons of cod and 555 tons of saithe.

Now this year, the catch of the boat has reached 270 tons and therefore cod is 254 tonnes.

In recent years, the annual fishing of the boat has been around 400 to 550 tonnes.

The first Norwegian list with Holmen is on the site and it will be interesting to see how the boat will do on the list

And if you dear readers know of any boats 15 meters in norway you can send aflafrettir  mail on gisli@aflafrettir.is ore on Facebook.   

Holmen Pic Andreas Mikalsen

Holmen Pic Svein W Pettersen

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