Huge fishing for Havtind. over 80 tons per day

Now in December there has been a very good fishing in Norway, and it can be said that fishing has been huge,  like for the trawlers

One of those who have been fishing well in December is Havtind N-10-H

Havtind is usually coming with  frozen catch yet now he is fishing in Ice

Havtind  is almost 60 meters long and 13 meters wide. and is constructed in 2000. has a 3900 horsepower engine on board,

Havtind  arrived at Melbu in Norway first with 253 tonnes obtained after 7 days of fishing. it does about 36 tons a day,

Still the next trip was huge . because Havtind brought 330 tonnes after only four days of fishing

yes four days and it makes about 82 tons a day. The essence of this catch was cod

In total, Havtind has landed 582 tonnes in 2 trips, a total of 11 fishing days long,

this is about 53 tons a day

Havtind Pic Bjoren Hansen

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