Huge fishing for Stamsundværing N-72-VV

It is well known through the history of fisheries both in Iceland and Norway that boats often come with considerable large landings. full load  and does not matter how big the boat is.

For example, in January there are two 15 tonnes of boats. Tryggvi Eðvarður SH and Dögg SU both brought over 18.7 tonnes in one landing each boat, and that is full load for each boat

In Norway,  boats fishing with gilnet are starting to fish better and better , and one of the gilnet boats is Stamsundværing  N-72-VV. This plastic boat is 14.96 meters long and 4.1 meters wide.

It is done from Stamsund in northern Norway.

In the last few days, the boat has had a huge fishing

First the boat arrived with 8.5 tonnes of land

then the boats came with full load 17.9 tonnes

then another big trip of 14.5 tons

so one less 8.7 tons

then one giant or 19.3 tons
and finally 16.5 tonnes

In total, the boat landed 85.4 tonnes for only 6 trips or 14.2 tonnes in trip

The pic below is shown that the boat brings more than 15 tonnes of land in one landing

and readers in Norway.  if you know the name of the catpein of Stamsundværing than let AFlafrettir know about it

Stamsundværing Pic Kai Nikolaisen

Stamsundværing Pic Frode Adolfsen