Huge fishing for Viðey RE, over 400 tons in 6 days

In Iceland some trawlers have been trying to fish saithe, but it can be difficult to fish saithe.  

Trawler Viðey RE from Reykjavík has 15 crewmember on the trawler and captein Kristján Einar Gíslason 

had huge fishing now in the beginning of mars.

He went to Viðey RE with his crew south of Eldey and went out at midnight on March 1st. They landed on March 3 at 0600 with a full load or

 209.5 tonnes, of this catch saithe was 173 tonnes. This trip is only about 54 hours or about 2 and a half days, this makes about 84 tons per day

The next trip was on March 3 at 2200 and came ashore on Sunday March 7 at 1000 and again with a full load or 221 tons.

 This trip is about 3 and a half days and it makes about 63 tons per day.

A total of 430 tonnes have been landed at Viðey RE in just 6 days, which is about 72 tonnes per day.

This is amazing fishing that the crew of Viðey RE, fish 430 tons in just 6 days, and of that saithe was about 380 tons.

Viðey RE pic Hólmgeir Austfjörð