Huge fishing last days of year 2020 in Iceland

The weather in Iceland this last days of the year 2020, has been good,

now wind and the sea almost like a mirror.

In Sandgerði the lineboats there went out to fish today 30.des and also yesterday. 

and they did fish well. 

Smallest lineboat that went out to fish was Nýi Víkingur NS.  This boat is only 10 tons in size 

and he went out with just 13 linestamps, ore just 5500 hooks,

But on this just 13 stamps he got full boat of fish.  total of 3,5 tons, and that is about 270 kilos per stamp

for this the valvue was about 1,3 million isl kronas.

that is 8303 euros

7500 pounds

87236 norsk kronas

Nýi Víkingur NS 

other boat that also did fish well was boat name Guðrún Petrína GK.  This boat went out with 32 line stamps

both days, and the first day the boat same with 8,1 tons and that is 253 kilos per stamp

and today 30.des.the boat came with 7,5 tons and that is 234 kilos per stamp

total of 15,6 tons in just 2 days

Guðrún Petrína GK in Sandgerði pics of boat Guðrún Petrína GK and Nýi Víkingur NS Gísli Reynisson