Huge fishing trip from Ilivileq, over 2000 tons

One of the newest freezer trawlers in the North of Atlantic is Ilivileq.

This trawler was build and came to Reykjavík in the middle of the year 2020.   The trawler is 81,8 meters long and 17 meters wide

it ias 7344 bhp engine from Bergen disel

the tralwler is from Qaqortog in south Greenland,

Now the trawler was finish one of the biggest fishing trips and this is one of the biggest fishing trip that have 

been landed in one trip in Iceland. 

The trawler came to Reykjavík a little between landings in January and then had 237 tons,

then the trawler came back to Hafnarfjörður and with no small catch, because a total of 2100 tons was landed from the trawler

or exactly 2099.6 tons. In total, this trip made 2336.4 tons.

The mainstay of this giant trip was cod or 2211 tons.

The trip in total was about 38 days long and that makes them about 61 tons per day which is a very good catch

in addition, the ship came with 180 tons of flour and 70 tons of fish oil but on board is a fishmeal factory,

The catch value is estimated at ISK 760 million

that is about 4,9 million euros.

4,2 million pounds

49,8 million norsk kronas

The captain of this giant tour was Páll Þórir Rúnarsson and the ship has gone back out to fish and the captain

the next tour is Guðmundur Kristján Guðmundsson

Ilvileq Pic Magnús Þór Hafsteinsson