Huge gilnet fishing for small boat Björn EA

Gilnet fishing in Iceland in February was relay good 

the boat that was the higest was with around 490 tons 

But much smaller boat from island Grímsey Björn EA did well.  Björn EA is 15 tons in size and in the middle of february the crew went out with only 40 nets.

In the first trip and after only 20 gilnet the boat went to Grimsey with 10 tons. and they went out again to drag the other 20 gilnets

In the trip number 2. the same thing happen.  full boat after 20 nets and out again,

the first trip was 15,4 tons

and the second trip was 17,5 tons,

Total almost 33 tons in just 2 days for this small gilnet boat

Björn EA pics Gyða Henningsdóttir