Huge gilnet fishing in Iceland

In Iceland the boats that are fishing with gilnet are not many,  only about 30 in totail in the hole Iceland,

compare that to Norway where the boats are around 1500 that are fishing with gilnet

from Sandgerði and Keflavík that is not far away from Kef airport

the boats have been in a huge gilnet fishing,m

today 25.mars. 3 boats came to Keflavík with fill load and that in only few nets,

Halldór Afi GK was with about 10 tons in just 20 nets

Hraunsvík GK was with 9 tons in 40 nets

and Bergvík GK was with 5 tons in just 10 nets.  

on Bergvík GK is only one men

The cod that the boat where fishing was all big, and the biggest cod was about 40 kilos.

all the cod is taken and worked in salt

Bergvík GK with 5 tons  only one men on the boat

Hraunsvík GK

Hraunsvík GK


Huge cod   Pics Gísli Reynisson