Huge month for Kristinn HU in Iceland,

Now is the last day of the year 2020.  and here in Iceland December was difficult for boats to go fishing

in the beginning of December a big storms where over Iceland and boats could not go out for fishing 

for many days.

but one boat kept going even if others boats did not make it out to sea.  

and that was 30 tons boat name Kristinn HU.  Kristinn HU did fish close to the Snæfellsnes and the mountains there 

did made some cover for the big winds.  

Kristinn HU was the boat in Iceland that did the most trips in December.  he did 25 trips and did fish total of 287 tons 

total value was 108 million isl kronas

that is 689.000 Euros

621.000 pounds

7,2 million norsk kronas

Kristinn HU pic Vigfús Markússon