Huge shrimp fishing for Nordtind

One of the largest fishing companies in Norway if not the largest is Havfisk
 They now have 3 recently newely  freeze-trawlers  all of which are called Gadus. Gadus Njord, Gadus Neptune and Gadus Posedion. 

The newest trawler for Havfisk has not the name Gadus, but the name Nordtind.  

Nordtind  was built in Álasund in Norway and started fishing in early 2018. The vessel cost 325 million norsk krona ore 29,3 million pounds  It is 80.4 meters in length and 16.7 meters in diameter

On board the ship is a 6500 horsepower main engine.

The trawler started the year doing cod fishing but went last trip  for a shrimp and it's safe to say that the tour went well, because Nordtind came with full load of shrimp

Total the ship was with 765 tons of shrimp and this is probably the biggest landing of a shrimp in one trip both for the Icelandic and Norwegian trawlers.

Nordtind Pic Trond Refsnes