Huge trip for Geir M-123-A, first trip of the year

In Norway there is a company name H.P.Holmeset and this company has had total of 8 boats all that have the 

same name .  Geir.  This name Geir has been in this family business H.P.Holmeset for over 100 year.

In The eyar 2010 the company got the boat number 7 that had the name Geir. and that boat was autoline boat

that was 51,3 meters long and 12,4 meters wide.

Had total of 2413 bhp engine om board.

This boat was sold in the year 2020 to The Faroe Islands and has the name Klakkur there,

Geir number 8 came in the middle of the year 2020, and this boat number 8 is one of the

biggest autoline boats in Europe.

the new Geir is 63 meters long and 13,5 meters wide and has 68,000 hook in mustad autoline system

Now in January 2021 the Geir came to Norway with full load and this is the biggest fishing that autoline boat

have come with in one trip,

in total the boat was with 1184 tons of fish, of that was 872 tons of cod, and some part of this cod was fillet

ansi was 167 tons of haddock.

this trip was about 28 days and that means about 42 tons per day.

Geir Pic Magnar Lyngstad

Geir in the Northen Light, pic from the ship