Icefish trawler Málmey SK in huge fishing in just 4 days

The days between christmas and new year are not many that trawlers can go to sea.  

in Iceland there where not many trawlers that went out to fish,  but one of them that went out was Málmey SK 

Björn Jónasson is captain of Málmey SK and he went out on 26 of December.

and the trawler came back to Sauðárkrókur 30 desember with full load and well that,

because on board the trawler was 237,3 tons  of fish,  and of that was cod 215 tons,

Björn told Aflafrettir that  the fishing was to much that he got most 10 tons just after towing for 20 minutes.

this huge fishing 237,3 tons in 4 days is almost 60 tons per day.

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Málmey SK Pic Guðmundur Rafn Guðmundsson

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