Icelandic trawler in trouble in Norway

The freezer trawler Örfirsey RE from Iceland,  went to the north of Barnetsoceanfor fishing in September. they where fishing pretty well until a failure occurred in the ship's screw assembly,

The failure was serious that it could not be sail for its own power and took the oil ship Norsel,  Örfirsey RE in town  . Norsel is 96 meters long and 14.4 meters wide. measures about 2500 tonnes.

Örfirsey RE went to Batsfjord where the trawler landed. The catch was full-fledged, with a total of 847 tonnes, catching the cod or 737 tonnes,

At a pier in Batsfjord, a diver was sent under the trawler to examine the propeller  and assess whether the tram could be repaired while the Örfirsey  RE was fleeing. It turned out not to be possible.

and since the shipyard  in Kirksnes was booked,  Örfirsey RE  had to be pulled to Svolvær because Skarvik shipyard there could take Örfirsey RE in drydock. . Polar Tug tugboat pulled Örfirsey RE this way to Skarvikur

There the trawler  was taken in a drydock  and when the propeller  was removed from the trawler ,  it was found that the switch that controls the position of the propellers  was broken and could not be repaired. This is a pretty big repair, because new rails need to be built from scratch, and this will stop Örfirsey RE in November, and it is estimated that the trawler  will not go fishing until December, and if it's over, it's rather short time because the Christmas season is that this in,

In Svolvær there is a photograph that Aflafrettir have often used pictures from when discussing the Norwegian boats, and he was so fit to go to the drieddock in Skarvik  and picture  the trailer as he is in the house.
I would like to thank Frode Adolfsen for these pictures.

Örfirsey RE coming to Skvolvær in the dark

Pics Frode Adolfsen

Townboat that town Örfirsey RE to Svolvær

Norsel before Bergen Nordic that town Örfirsey RE to Batsfjord.

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