Ilivileq with full ship,value over 70 million Norsk krona,

in 2020 there came a brand new freezer trawler to Greenland, 

ship, and this ship name is Ilivileq.

the year 2022, the ship did came with  11360 tons, that where landed in Reykjavík in Iceland, but 2000 tons of this was

mackerel and herring, that was landed in Eskifjörður in the east of Iceland,  but also the ships came to Greenland.

The trawler arrived in Reykjavík early in February after a rather nice trip, but the trawler was fishing in the Greenlandic jurisdiction.

the trip was a total of 35 days long, and the ship arrived with a full load or

a total of 2178 tons ashore of fish and this number includes fish oil and fishmeal, but there is a fishmeal factory on board and nothing is thrown away.

of these 2178 tons, 2076 tons were cod and 75 tons were perch, this was 30 days of fishing

this makes about 72 tons per day

and the value of the catch is one of the highest that a freezer trawler has ever landed in this country, or about 1 billion ISK

This is about 6,7 million euros
73,1 million norsk kronas

this makes 459 ISK per kilo, which is an extremely good average price

that is 3,02 euros per kilo
and 32,9 per kilo norsk krona

the captain on this trip was Guðmundur Kristján Guðmundsson, but opposite him is the other captain of the ship, Páll Þórir Rúnarsson

Ilivilez Pic Armon