Irish boat Felucca SO-108

Now when this is written the newest fishing trawler in Iceland is sailing past Ireland and not far from that trawler that name in BJörg EA 7, is a boat from Ireland that name is Felucca SO-108

just take a look at him,

This boat was constructed in 1995 and is 58 meters long and 10 meters wide. The boat measures 1100 tonnes.
The boat has named this name since 2004.
On board Felucca there is 2800 horsepower engine.

and although Felucca may not be as giant as the Icelandic boats, this boat is still in number 11 on the largest of the boats that are from  Ireland.

Felucca has been fishing now in the North Sea.

The home port of the ship is in Sligo, which is in northern Ireland. Sligo is not a big town. where about 20 thousand people live,

and attention shows that the country code there is not far from in Iceland.  . for calling abroad to Iceland, you need to set +354 first to call Sligo, you need to set +353.

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Pic Anne Branson

Felucca Pic Jogn Cunningham

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