Ísbjörn H-89-O in good fishing

The weather in Iceland in February was terrible and the small boats did not make it often to see.  

but in Norway the fishing was good

One of the boats that fished well was ÍSbjörn H-89O that Hlynur Freyr Vigfússon owns and is the captein of the boat

Last days in  February, they went very well fishing and landed 54.2 tonnes in 7 rows or 7.7 tonnes in trip

two of these rows were pretty good because both were over 10 tons,

That first  was 10.6 tonnes, and of that was haddock was  8.7 tonnes. and the larger was 11.2 tons and haddock was  6.6 tons,

Both of these rides were 16,000 hooks or 40 stamps.

On stamps, it makes 265 kilos, which is the first trip

and the one, these 11.2 tons, is then 280 kilograms per stamp

Ísbjörn with 11 tons.  Pic from Hlynur Freyr Vigfússon