Karin N-86-VV new boat to Norway

New boat from Trefjar in Iceland 

And it can be added to this text that the boat has come to Norway and has begun fishing.

Actually only landed about 400 kg in their first rowing

Still the boat has a pretty big quota or a total of 622 tons of quotas. Actually, cod is only 23 tons

still 356 tons of haddock and 243 tons of saithe

Otto Harold Williassen shipowner now received a new Cleopatra 36 boat from Trefjar  in Hafnarfjörður.

Otto must himself captain of the boat.

The new boat is called Karin N-86-V. The boat is 10.99 meters in length and measures 11tons

The main engine of the boat is of type FPT C13 650Hp connected to ZF325IV gear.

The boat is equipped with navigational equipment of JRC, OLEX and SIMRAD.

The boat is also equipped with hydraulic side screws to the front and rear, which is related to the boat's autopilot.

The boat is equipped for online fishing. Networking equipment comes from Norway.

The boat's train accommodates 15stk 380 fish tupes.

The boat's life boat comes from Viking.

A large dining room and fully equipped cooking facilities are in the bridge. Sleeping is for three in the boats. Toilet with shower.
The boat has already begun fishing.

The boat has come to Norway and it is expected that he will start fishing in the coming days.

Karin Pic Trefjar