Katrín GK with full load of cod

Now in Iceland the fishing of the Lineboats has been relay good  in the last days in april and now 1.of mai,

In Grindavík  many lineboats that goes out with autoline have been fishing well.  they have been fishing mostly cod,

Katrín GK that is 27 tons boat and 14,6 meters long is the only boat that dont fish with autoline, but he fishing with line in stamps.  ore balas

only 2  men are on Katrínu GK and they went out with 36 balas and when they had finish taking 30 balas on board, the boat was full almost 13 tons, and they had to leave 6 balas in the sea,

now in april Katrín GK did well, almost 120 tons of fish, mostly cod

Katrín GK with 13 tons.  

Katrín GK with all tubes full.  Pics Bjössi captein of the boat

Also Indriði Kristins BA did well. almost 160 tons in april and came with 15 tons in one trip now 1.mai

Indriði Kristins BA with 15 tons.  Pic Indriði Kristinn Guðjónsson