Kingfisher HM-555 in good fishing

There are a lot of foreign trawlers  and lineboats coming to Norway to land catches,

Now in February, a lot of Russian trawlers have landed in Trömsö

in Norway has also landed a tugboat made from Hanstholm in Denmark,

This boat is called Kingfish HM-555.

This boat is built in 2007 and is 31.25 meters long which is the largest length of the boat.
   9.3 meters wide and 6.64 meters deep.

The machine in the boat is an ABS diesel engine that is from Belgium 6DZ it is about 1500 hp

The fish cargo  in the boat is made for a box and takes 1800 boxes. it is about 80 tons of fish.

Now in early February, the boat has landed twice in Norway, more specifically in Hönnigsvog

Total 115.3 tonnes. first trip  was 54 tonnes, of which cod 52 tonnes

The second turret was 62 tonnes, and therefore cod was 57 tons,

Kingfisher Pic

Kingfisher Pic A.Hansson