Komarno MK-188 from Russia in Norway

In Norway there are quite a lot of fishing vessels that come to Norway with fish.  . These ships are from many nations, because in addition to Norwegian ships themselves, Norwegian ships come from Iceland. Denmark and Russia for landing for exsample

Most Russian ships coming to Norway are trawlers.
  but some days ago in Bátsfjörður in northern Norway, there came a Russian fishing vessel previously trawler was still converted into a liner boat.

This boat is called Komarno MK-188 and is made from Murmansk in Russia. This ship was built in Russia in 1987 and is 54 meters in length and 10.7 meters in width. measures about 938 tonnes in size.

In Bátsfjörður, Komarno landed a total of 172.1 tonnes og fish  and of that was cod 95 tons and hysa 36 tons

As shown in the pictures of the ship, the look of the ship is quite special compared to a liner boat.

Pic Magnar Lyngstad

Pic Lammert Melk

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