Korsnes F-39-BD new boat on Aflafrettir

In the end of the year 2017 aflafrettir.com ask the readers of aflafrettir if they know about more boats in Norway that fish with line.  autoline and stampline.  In Norway there are many big autoliners that freeze the fish on board and come with few hunders tons in one trip

There are 3 line boats from Norway in the Line List, which is at Aflafrettir. Valdimar H. Inger Viktoria and Delfin . Delfin  is actually one of the boats that freeze the catch yet he was fishing in ice before christmas

Inger Viktoria is fishing with stamplines and up to 160 stamps in a trip

I received some suggestions on boats and including one that attracted my attention

The boat is named Korsnes F-39-BD and is 19.55 meters long, and was constructed in 1987 from oak.

A little talk with the captain at Korsnes
Hans Martin in Norway is the captain of the boat, and in a conversation with Aflafrettir, he said that the boat was nemely bought and named Korsnes.   Korsnes started fish with stampline in the end of oktober. . he said they are rowing with 80 to 100 stamplines and each has 420 hooks on them

In November, Korsnes did relay well and fish 290 tons in just 12 trips.

The boat went well in December, and for example 

Korsnes F-39-BD will go to the line list,

Korsnes   Before Tangstadværing  Pic Svein W Pettersen

Picture Svein W pettersen

In addition, Bispen F-60-G will  also come and is  a 27-meter boat

Norbanken F-2-B, a 21.4-meter long boat, previously named M-Solhaug

Skomværfisk  N-53-RT which is 23,  meter long boat

and Ringskjer N-203-F which is a 19.3 meter long boat made of wood in 1978.

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