Kristinn ÞH with full load on gilnets

like you have read here on then good fishing have been in ICeland for the gilnet boats,

in the north of Iceland is a small town name Raufarhöfn.  there lives about 150 people.  and from the town

gilnet boat Kristinn ÞH that is 12 meters long  and 15 tons in size has been fishing well in the gilnet,

10.april the crew of Kristinn ÞH went out with just 30 net in 3 tross.  

when they had just pull 20 nets then the boat had 10 tons of cod.  and in the last one was 4 tons,

and that means that the boat came to Raufarhöfn with around 14 tons in just 30 gilnets. 

on the boat is crew of 3 mens.

Short video was taken when the boat was coming to Raufarhöfn

Kristinn ÞH with 14 tons,

KRistinn ÞH in Raufarhöfn with 14 tons,

Crew of Kristinn ÞH from Left.  Júlíus Pétur Bergsson,  Björn Þór Baldursson captain of the boat.  and Rögnvaldur Björnsson