Kristinn SH in huge catfish fishing. over 30 tons in one trip

Now in Iceland the catfish season is almost started, and  the boats that have going with line to fish catfish have been coming with full load back to land,

2 days ago at least 4 small boats went from Ólafsvík and sail for 4 hours to the cliff Látrabjarg and went fishing catfish there,

and they did realy well.

Sverrir SH that is 15 tons boat came with full load 15,7 tons 

Signý HU that is 12 tons boat came with 11,2 ton,

Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH that is 15 tons boat came with 21,3 tons and that is 595 kilos per stamp.

Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH have been fishing well and was with 50 tons in 3 trips,

but Kristinn SH that is 30 tons boat did well.  he came with 31,5 tons on 68 stamps and that is about 463 kilos per stamp.

in the last 4 trips Kristinn SH has fish 95 tons and that is about 24 tons in a trip.

Kristinn SH with 31,5 tons.  Pic Þorsteinn Bárðsson

Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH 15 tons boat that was with 21,3 tons in one trip pic Magnús Þór Hafsteinsson