Molinergutt 15 meters long boat with full load of herring

In Norway are many boats that fish herring, capelin and mackerel and they are not all big ones.  like over 60 meters long

quite a lot of boats are on these fishes that are under 15 meters long

one of them is Molinergutt R-20-K. This boat is 14.99 meters long. 5.9 meter wide and will be built in 2012. On board it is a 525 horsepower machine.

He came during the day with full herring of herring to Fosnavaag Pelagic AS, located in Fosnavaag, Norway

As you can see, the boat is pretty much up to 60.3 tons of herring

and 2 pics are here.  one with the boat fully loaded and one empty

Molinergutt with full load Pic Kristoffer Nærö Ytterland

Molinergutt Pic Björn Vidar Solstad