Mosken N-666-MS

Lets take a look at a boat that got a new name now in april 2020,

this is a boat that have the name Mosken N-666-MS.

This boat was build 1993 in Saltdalsverflet AS in Norway, and is 27,15 meters long and 7 meters wide,

When the boat was build the boat was 23,05 meters long, in the year 2002 the boat was lengthened up to 27,15 meters long

The boat has Caterpillar engine and is is 630 BHP

the boats has RSW tanks, and can carry 137 tons of herring in one trip

This year the boat has fish total of 847,1 tons in 33 trips,,  that is about 25,7 tons in a trip

Mosken has been fishing with seine and of that is 361 tons of cod, and 360 tons of haddock

The boat got the  name Mosken now in April 2020, but before the boat had the  name Kasperson

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Mosken Pic Vegar SKagen Danielsen