Most all of crew of trawler with covid19 virus

Here on was yesterday news about autoline boat in Norway name Stormhav about most of the 

crew members that there sick by covid19 virus

in Iceland is a freezer trawler name Júlíus Geirmundsson ÍS.

The trawler had been fishing out side the westfjords in Iceland for 3 weeks then the trawler came to Ísafjorður port

the trawler was taking oil and all the crew member went to test to see if the where infected of covid19 virus

nobody of the crew of the trawler went to land in stead doctors came in the trawler to test all 24 crew members,

After the ship had fill up with oil the trawler went back out to fish, but results of the covid test did show

that most all of the 24 crew members of the trawler where infected with covid 19 virus

Trawler júlíus Geirmundsson ÍS that is freezer has now stop fishing and is coming to ÍSafjorður in the morning of 20.oktober

Júlíus Geirmundsson ÍS pic Sigurður Bergþórsson