Most of crew of Stormhav F-1-HV with covid19?

not so long ago there was news here on that all the crew memebers on autoline boat Valdimar GK from Iceland  had 

been infected by covid19. in Norway there has not been much that boat crews have been infected with this virus,

But today, the liner Stormhav F-1-HV arrived in Tromsø and it was revealed that 12 of the boat's 14 crew members were believed to be infected with the covid 19 virus.

The boat went to sea on September 23, but arrived in port this morning and was then only the captain and engineer who were not infected by the virus,

Jon-Atle Bjorno and the engineer had then locked themselves into the boat's bridge

now on friday 16 october one of the crew on the boat had become quite ill and over the weekend more people got sick on board and then mainly

these were severe headaches and stomach pains and after consultation with the anti-seizure authorities in Norway it was decided to let the boat sail to

 Tromsö where it is still possible to take boats in isolation, still all the symptoms indicated that these 12 people were all infected by covid19.

The boat arrived at the port of Tromsø, where it is still possible to take boats in isolation and Tromsö is one of 3 ports in Norway that can take boats in this way. the other ports are Oslo and Bergen

 New boat still quite difficult

Stormhav is a new boat and came to a new owner this May in 2020 and is 28 meters long,

It is not known how long the boat has to be stopped, but this is rather bad for the company because covid19 has had a pretty bad effect on the boat's company,

for example, the construction of the boat was delayed by 7 months because there was an infection in the shipyard that built the boat,

 and the price of the fish has been low and likewise the cost of bait has risen by 30%.

Stormhav Pic marius Strömmen