New Akraberg to the Faroe Islands

about a week ago a new trawler came to Akureyri in Iceland, that trawler has the name Snæfell EA 

and before this trawler was in The faroe islands and had the name Akraberg

The owner of Akraberg was Framherji in the Faroe Islands and this July they received a new trawler called Akraberg.

That trawler was built at the Vard Shipyard in Norway. the trawler was then shipped to Denmark where fish processing equipment

was put in the ship.  In July the trawler went straight to fishing from Denmark and arrived in the Faroe Islands in the middle of August in its home port,

The new Akraberg has a similar design to, for example, the trawlers in Norway called Gadus Nord, Gadus Poseidion and Gadus Neptun.

they are actually all VARD 8.02 designs, but Akrabergið is an 8.03 design,

Akraberg  is 84 meters long and 16.7 meters wide. on board the ship there is a tank to keep the fish alive until the fish

goes through the processing in the ship. The fish cargo  has two floors and in addition there is a tank on board with a capacity of about 550 cubic meters

e.g. pelagic fish. The freezing capacity on board the ship is about 105 tons per day. this is based on whole frozen fish.

There are 12 vertical freezers in the ship.

The engine in Akraberg has 6500 horsepower and in addition there is another engine with 2400 horsepower and both of these engines

are connected to the ship's gear mechanism, which then goes out into the propeller, which is 4 meters in diameter

maximum power is about 7800 horsepower. The ship is equipped with electric winch and they also generate electricity.

the main winches are 40 tons, and there are four such winches, but the ship is designed to be able to pull up to 3 trawls at once.

there are a total of 20 winches on the ship andalso 2 cranes

The skipper of Akraberg is Thorfinnur Johannsen, who has been fishing in the Barnet Sea for 36 years.

Akraberg Pic Jakuo Oluf Breidaskard

Akraberg Pic Leif Andersen

Pics foryska sjomansmissionin.  Here you can see more pics