New Altaire LK 429

In the UK are many pelagic ships and most of the are not old ships

Company name Altaire Fishing Co Ltd has since the year 2004 own a pelagic ship name 

Altaire LK 429 and homeport is Collafirth in Shetland

that ship was build 2004 and is 76,43 meters long and 15 meters wide.  has 10728 bhp engie of Wartsila

Now this big ship is going to get replacement

because Altaire Fishing has sign a contract with Karstensen Shipyard in Denmark do build a new ship

The new ship will have the name Altaire and will be 79,95 meters long,  and 16,6 meters wide.  

The new ship will have 9833 bhp engine of Wartsila type

also will be 2 other engine from Wartsila and both the engine will be 1200 bhp

the new ship is scheduled for delivery in may 2023

New Altaire pics from Karstensen

Old Altaire pic Philip Stephen