New autoline boat Páll Jónsson GK to ICeland

In the town of Grindavík in Iceland.

there is a company name Vísi ehf.  Vísir ehf now owne 5 autolines boats, all that are green in color

for the last 4 year Vísir have been rebuilding 2 autoline boats in Poland

and yesterday came for the first time to Grindavík

a new boat that name is Páll Jónsson GK.

this is the first time in 50 year history of Vísir ehf that they have brand new boat.

New Páll Jónsson GK is build in Poland but is design by a Icelandic company,

The new boat is 45 meters long and 10,5 meters wide.  

this boat is not for freezing, only for fresh fish.  he can carry about 130 tons of fish 

New Páll Jónsson GK will start fishing after about 2 weeks and the old boat is going to Norway.

Pics Gísli reynisson