New autoline boat to Húsavík Iceland.

Company GPG in Húsavík and Raufarhöfn in the North east of  Iceland has bought

a new autoline boat.

GPG has had autoline boat that is name Hörður Björnsson ÞH and that boat is about 50 years old,

The new boat is new to the company 

The boat that have the name Jökull ÞH was build 1996 in West Contractors in Norway

the boat is 44 meters long and 10,7 meters wide

it has 1600 bhp engine of Caterpillar

fish capacity is 500 m3 and it has 40.000 hooks in it autoline system that is from Mustad

The boat can reach 13,9 kn speed

pics gísli Reynisson