New boat to Esköy in Norway

Esköy in Norway is a company that is own by brothers from Iceland,. Helgi and Hrafn sigvaldasynir. 

Some years ago they got new boat that was named Saga K. and that boat was about 15 meters lengd and he was fishing with autoline

all year and did fish wll over 1000 tons every year.  now that boat name is Austhavet.  

Valdimar H
Esköy bought a boat  in Iceland that had the name  Kópur GK, and then Kópur BA

Now that boat name is  Valdimar H F-185-NK and he is fishing with autoline and is fishing in ice.

which is quite the opposite of the larger line boats in Norway because most of the fish head and freeze and then the fish are thawed ashore and processed there,

Valdimar H had a pretty good year in 2019 and landed a total of 2314 tonnes,

Now Esköy has added another steel boat.

 New boat
because now at the end of last year the company bought the boat 'Kamaro SF-7-S

The boat is 38.78 meters long and 8 meters wide. Built in 2007 and has 917 horsepower engine,

the boat has been freezing the fish, but later this year the new boat will also start fishing in Ice just like Valdimar H is doing.

The new boat has been named Trygve B F-60-NK

and Helgi Sigvaldason is the skipper of a new boat. now the boat has landed 143 tonnes which was in one landing and frozen

Trygve B pic Hlynur Freyr Vigfússon

Pic Valdimar Hrafnsson

Kamaro Pic Bjoern Hansen