New boat to Norway

Company Trefjar in Iceland that built boats that name is Cleoparta was building a new boat that is  now in Norway

There's a huge quota on this new boat,
therefore the total quota of the boat is 1043 tons

because of that, haddock is 557 tonnes
saithe  375 tons
and cod 40 tons
plus 72 tonnes of mackerel

 RM Kystfiske AS has now received a new Cleopatra 36 boat from the Trefjum boat  in Hafnarfjörður Iceland.
The masters are Roy Skår and Roy-Morten Skår.

Roy-Morten becomes captain of the boat, his father Roy has long been in the operation of larger vessels in Norway
The new boat is called Skårungen. The boat is 11 meters long and measures 11 gross tonnes.
The main engine of the boat is of type FPT C13 650 horsepower 
 connected to freestanding ZF325IV gear.
An electrical station is of the Nogva / Nanni type.
The boat is equipped with JRC and Olex sailing equipment.
The boat is also equipped with hydraulic front and rear side screws connected to the boat's autopilot.
The boat is equipped for fishing. Internet equipment comes from Lorentzen in Norway.
A lifeboat and other boat safety equipment comes from Viking.
The fish cargo can hold 15 boxex that are 380 liters each,  
that is in tons about 5 tons of fish.
 380 liters. A large dining room and fully equipped cooking facilities are in the bridge. Sleeps up to three in doors. Toilet with shower.
The boat has already started fishing.
The boat has arrived in Norway has already started fishing.