New boat to Norway from Iceland

Stein Magne Hoff, an operator from Ålesund in Norway, recently received a new boat from Batasmiðjan Trefjar ehf in Hafnarfjörður

The boat is a Cleopatra 42.

Stein Magne will be the captain of the boat, two will be in the boat's crew.

The new boat is called M / S Tare. The boat is 12.5 meters long and measures 18 gross tons.

The boat's main engines are two Yanmar 6LYA2-STP, 440hp / 3300omr connected to ZF 286IV gears

The boat is equipped with navigation equipment of the type Furuno and Olex.

The boat is also equipped with a hydraulic side propeller that is connected to the boat's autopilot.

The boat is equipped for line fishing. The boat will also be used for sea fishing and teaching at school for sailors

Lifeboat and other safety equipment of the boat comes from Viking.

There is room for 19 380 liter tanks in the train. A large dining room and fully equipped cooking facilities are on the bridge. Sleeps three in hatches. Toilet with shower.

The boat has arrived in Norway

Tare Pic