New boat to Norway, Josberg N-1-F

In Norway there was a boat that name is Josberg N-51-F.  That boat is 14,98 meters long and was fishing with gilnet this year until

the boats was sold in july 2020.

When the boat had the name Josberg he fish 310 tons in 31 trips.  Now the boat name is Öygutt N-21-L.

The company Fiskebatrederiet Vito AS in Norway sold Josberg because they where havine new boat that is name Josberg N-1-F

But the new boat is much bigger,

Josberg N-1-F is 20,95 meters long and 9 meters wide.   and is fishing with gilnet 

now in oktober the boat has been fishing pretty good

In Total the new Josberg has fish now 71 tons in just 3 trips.  most 27 tons in one trip

Josberg Pic Gunnar Haugstad

Josberg pic hmi haugland milj0innredning

Old Josberg Pic Bjoern Hansen