New Charisma LK-362, 8 trips to Norway

This year 2020, many pelagic ship that are from other country's that Norway have been coming to land the 

fish in Norway.  Like pelagic ship from Iceland,  Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and GB have been coming to Norway.

One of these ships that have been coming to Norway with herring and mackerel

is Charisma LK-362.   

This ship is new and was build in the year 2019 in Karstensens Skibsvært in Norway,

New Charisma is 75 meters long and 15,3 meters wide and has pretty big engine.

has MAN engine and the engine is 9655 bhp.  ore almost ten thousand horsepower  

Old Charisma is now in Iceland and has the  name Jón Kjartansson SU there

Now this year Charisma has total landed 10080 tons in 8 trips.

of that is 1320 tons of herring.  

8760 tons is mackerel.  

most in one trip was 2.february when Charisma came with 1750 tons of mackerel in one trip  

Charisma Pic Iven Reid